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Pavement Ends Emergency Top Review

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My emergency top for my 2005 LJ came today. After searching around for reviews with no luck I decided to buy the top and see for myself. To give you a little back ground information, I have the trektop nx. As we all know, you cant store it in the jeep, and I hate taking it off and on every other day because of the rain. My goal is to stay topless all summer and have this for when it rains on me. I bought it from amazon because I get free 2 day shipping and I'm going to the beach this weekend so I wanted to have it asap. The price was $120 and I had a $25 amazon gift card laying around so I paid $95.

The top comes with two rain panchos that each have their own carrying pouch and seem to be very nice quality. (I have not removed them from the carrying pouch yet) It also comes with a carrying pouch for the top but it seems likes it'll be way too difficult to fold the top back up correctly in order to make it fit back in the bag. I'll probably do away with the bag and just fold it up enough to store it under my back seat.

The top seems like its pretty good quality for the price. It fits very tight but I do feel like its going to let a lot of water in at the top of the window and at the lower part of the door surround. It has a clip for the top of the door surround but not for the lower part like the trektop. Like I said before, its on there really tight though so maybe it won't. What holds the top on is 3 straps in the front (one for each door hinge and one in the middle the hooks on the hood loop), one clip on each side for the door surrounds, 3 or 4 clips on each side for the bed rail, a strap around each tail light, and one strap around the spare tire.

Overall I think this is a good buy. I haven't driven with it on, or had it in the rain yet. I will post back in a few days to let you guys know how that goes. Going to the beach this weekend topless with only this emergency top, wish me luck!


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Glad I found this. Kind of defeats the purpose if it can't handle a good rain storm.
Any maintenance issues otherwise? I don't run with my soft top window frames/ channels when going topless. Do you need those on for this to work? Thanks.
From the pictures up top, looks like you need to have the door surrounds on for the Pavement Ends version... that sucks.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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