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Hi. I recently purchased a Sun Cap Plus canvas roof for my 99 Sahara. I made sure I also purchased the corresponding windshield channel which is part #51238-01.

I had read several reviews on Amazon about how loose they became at the rear which would cause 'flapping' and a significant amount of noise. The problem appeares to be caused by the rear straps and pull through buckles riding up on the roll bar while driving.

The problem seems like a big design fault with these tops. Mine kept coming loose and needed to be adjusted every time I drove. Just today it popped into my head to try another way of using the securing straps.

This way, as you can see, I can actually tension the whole top by anchoring the rear straps onto the seat belt mounts. The strap is just long enough to work well.

I'm a whole lot happier with the top this afternoon than I was this morning!

I also had to modify the header channel by removing a portion from the ends, as shown .


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