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My 2004 TJ has been throwing a code (Don't have the exact code at them moment) that indicates an O2 sensor issue or exhaust flow issue(? I think) for a while. Local mechanic wants to replace the cat converter.

A buddy's 05 TJ just started throwing a code (again, don't have the code) also indicating an O2 sensor issue. He took his to the dealership and they gave him a PCM update that took care of the code, and he seems to think, made the Jeep run smoother. The update supposedly addressed a fuel/air mix mishandling issue.

QUESTION: Is there a way I can try the PCM update myself? My vehicle has been "banned" from the network of dealerships (that's what the local dealership told me before I bought it anyway... Jeep had been totaled). Can I get access to the firmware update and equipment to do this on my own?

Thanks in advance.
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