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it's a culture shock...

drummerwookie said:
i love fast cars, but i think the only performance mod ill do to my 06 rubi is flowmaster 40 muffler.....i love to drive fast, but i got the rubi so, i dont really care about it n e more

i did trade a very fast car in for it tho...a 1998 lexus GS400 with 300 HP and it was considered the fastest sedan in the world in 1998

i realy only want the flow master for that deep throaty growl more then the HP bc there really wont be much difference if n e at all
I just traded my '04 STi for an '06 Rubicon and am having some performance related issues myself. While the Rubi won't do 0-60 in 4.6 seconds like my Subaru did, it will get me through some rough Idaho winters without so many "white knuckle" commutes.

As with anything, it just takes time to get adjusted. I only have 600 miles on the Rubi so far. Even though I miss the sports car I feel confident that I made a great choice in a new vehicle.

I would be interested to know if the re-programmer makes any difference even without any modifications to the engine or exhaust. Are there some hp gains to be had over the factory settings?

Good luck with your new toy. I'm looking forward to doing some customizing. I have a couple of Rockford Fosgate amps (800 watt 4-channel and 360 watt 2-channel for the sub) and some RF truck boxes from my Dakota that are going into the Rubi. I'm going to keep the factory HU which came with satellite radio for the time being, but the stereo should be much better once I get it installed.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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