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Gentlemen, I could use a little help please.

My piece of Peugot BA10/5 has died! I am replacing it with the trusty AX15. I found a deal on an AX15 with a 23 spine Np-231 with the slip yoke eliminator installed (professionally installed) with both drive shafts. The AX15 is from a 1994 YJ with 95,000 miles. Unsure about where the T-case came from. The negotiated price is $400.00. The tranny is removed. The tranny is also enternal slave.

What should I look for to see if it is in good condition?

What questions should I ask about the tranny and T-case

I am installing this into my 1990 YJ that I converted to a 4.0 from a donor 1992 cherokee.

Thank you all for any help.
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