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I'm looking to buy new wheels and tires for my '05 Rubicon. I'm going with Level 8 Tracker Pros and I'm trying to decide between 16x8.5 w/ 4.5 bs and 15x8.5 w/ 3.75 bs. I will be running 34x10.50 Interco LTBs (this is not a daily driver)
I want to keep the wheels from sticking out too far from my stock 4.25" fenders. I know that 3.75 will allow me to run a 35x12.50 tire in the future but may stick out farther than I want where the 4.5 will keep the tires tucked in better but may limit my ability to run a larger tire in the future.
I was hoping to get an idea of what both setups will look like to help make a decision finally. Any and all pics would be much appreciated.
I've been searching for a while now for definitive pics and although I see a few threads asking the question but it seems most of the pics have been lost thanks to photobucket ruining the forums.
Thanks in advance.
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