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Pick up conversion?

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My buddy and I have been discussing the reality and price behind this. We were looking at AEV and a few others. But we would like to keep this project in or around 4-5k not including paint or body work. The only thing that we could not do is the extended driveshaft

But I was debating cutting my frame and tub directly behind the trans skid plate

Step 1. Obviously cut the damn thing in half and cut the cage

Step 2. Extend the frame rails approx 18-24"

Step 3. Use donor steel from the old rear quarter panels of the jeep to create a curve for the new "cab" and use some sheet metal and bar steel to complete

Step 4. Mount a jeep m416a trailer on as a rear bed. Which will probably require some modifying to bolt to the frame rails

Step 5. Custom rear cage for the tub. Similar to the cj8 cage.

Step 6. Custom soft top. Will probably be something like a safari top with wind hammer

Obviously this is just a basic concept so far. I know I will have to cap off the tub, extend the frame and add body mounts, modify the bed to sit on the frame, extend brake lines, ebrake cables, wires for rear lights, driveshaft.

Anyone have any insight or experience doing this?

Btw I have access to k12 cut off saws, sawzalls, oxy acetylene cutting torches, mig, tig, and stick welders, along with a compressor, jacks, etc.
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If i was going to do a pickup conversion for mine i'd just get these two kits

Standard Half Hardtop Kit for Jeep TJ | GR8TOPS

YJ- TJ Drop Down Tailgate Conversion Kit

Voila...less than 2k
Oh I was definitely making it a flip down tailgate. But I did want an extended bed.
Fair enough...

read though this quick - he added 15" which might be the route you take
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