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So I finially got a wrangler and have a ton of questions. Its a 4 cyl. 5 speed. Some of the things I plan on doing right away are.

try to slow down the rusting under the doors and tailgate. I plan on using some rust stopper and then covering them with some body armour.

Painting the bumpers not sure what paint to use flat or semi gloss. any idea what would look better?

Bedline the whole interior floor.

Paint the tan hard top black (not a big fan of the tan)

maybe paint or bedline the hindges not sure on this though

The rims are painted black (gloss) and I would like to go with a flat but not sure what paint to use any thoughts?

Thinking of a "2 lift prob just spacers since the previous owner just put shocks on a year ago.

Thanks for any ideas.

I will have pics as soon as I get it home.

oh yeah its a Chili Peper Red
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