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After 9 weeks and 5 days I finally got a text that my Jeep was at the dealers in Florence Alabama.

Ordered a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Willys on 9/13 in Florence, Alabama. It arrived in Nashville on rail on 11/7. It sat in Nashville until 11/17 when it was delivered by truck to my dealer. I picked it up yesterday, 11/19, and here's what I found as I inspected the Willys and signed the paperwork.

1. They honored the price I was given on 9/13 including the 1% Chrysler Affiliate discount. (I retired from GE and they are a Chrysler Affiliate company somehow?)
2. The build sheet I got online showed floor mat deleted but when I looked at the paperwork the dealer had, floor mat were included and were in fact in my Willys.
3. Instead of the 4 gallons of gas on my order sheet as part of the dealer prep, I had a full tank at no extra charge.
4. I was offered 0% financing for 36 months, then 1.9% for months 36 thur 48 and then 2.9% for months 49 thru 60.
5. I thought for sure I read Jeep furnished a cable to connect your phone to the media outlet for, in my case, Apple Car Play but there was no cable.
6. Owner manuals and a small tool kit were in the glove box.
7. As is the case most often, over half my fuses and relays were loose. I asked the salesman if in the prep the service dept checked for loose fuses or relays and he replied, "no why should they?" I said I'd like to check them and he quickly obliged. As he began pushing on the fuses and relays he said, "wow! I can't believe this, we won't let this get by anymore. Thanks for bringing this to my attention."
8. The air pressure in the tires was at 40 psi in the front and 42 in the rear. I looked on the sticker and it said they all should be 37. I adjusted them to that and the salesman made another note.
10. Everything else went smooth. We took an extended test drive of almost 20 miles, highway speed, up hills and thru the city etc. The Jeep handled great. I was very pleased.
11. The Finance guy offered me the MaxCare package, 7 years, 100K miles for $7k!! I just said, "No thank you about three or four times and he said "all right, I'm not gonna waste your or my time, let's sign these papers and get you on the road."

Good luck to all of you still waiting.
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That's nice look ride! I love the color, it was a serious contender when I ordered mine back in March.
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