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I am about to yank off my crappy 6" Bushwhacker pocket flares and stick on some stock ones until Christmas when I will replace the fenders.

At that time I will be shopping Metalcloak, Poison Spyder and Genright.

However, I have seen very few photos of the newer Genrights with the 6" flare on "my" Jeep.

Can anyone post up photos of my exact combo? I am looking for *only* photos of TJs with Genright tube fenders with the 6" flares and a 4" lift with 33x12.5R15 tires. Nothing else, please. I have plenty of comparison photos. I just want photos of this specific setup.

I have a folder on my Mac with lots of the other two brands with this exact setup and the specific fenders I am looking at. But I have zero of the Genrights with the 6" flares on a TJ with this exact setup. Help me out if you own a rig set up like this. Post photos of it sitting flat, from various angles. I do not need flex pics, either. I want to see what the clearance is like for 33s with a 4" lift as it sits still. I do not want to drive a "roller skate" and need to see this combo.

Many thanks if you have what I am looking for and post it up in this thread!:beerdrinking:
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