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The other day I noticed both of my pinion seals are leaking on my diffs. I called the dealer today to check the price, they needed to know if I needed the flanged or non flange seal. I wasn't sure so I asked if I gave them my vin if they could tell me, he said no.

So do I need a flanged or non flange seal?

I have a 2001 sahara with a 30 up front and a 44 in the rear.

Also, what would be everyones thoughts on me (a novice) replacing the seals? Is it easy enough?

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They are cake...but I've done far to many pinion seals.

Remove Drive shaft.
Mark pinion nut with pinion
Remove pinion nut
Remove yoke....(may have to tap it off with a hammer)
Use a seal puller to remove old seal. ( can use a flat head screw driver to remove but be VERY careful to not scratch the inside of the pinion where the seal sits.)
Replace seal with new. (can use a block of wood to tap it in slowly with a if you don't have rubber mallet.)
Put pinion yoke back on.
Put pinion nut back on and torque to spec.
Put drive shaft back on.
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