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pulled into station, put into park, jeep died. no spark best i can tell. any ideas? 94 yj 4.0 auto. thanks!

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I copied this from your other post.

The camshaft position sensor is located in the distributor.
(1) Remove the distributor. Refer to Distributor
(2) Remove the distributor rotor.
CAUTION: Do not position the distributor in a vise
when removing or installing the drive gear roll pin.
Support the distributor with wooden blocks.
(3) Mark the position of the gear and the shaft in
line with the roll pin. The gear MUST be installed
back to its original position on the distributor shaft.
(4) Using a small pin punch and hammer, remove
the distributor gear roll (spring) pin (Fig. 3).
(5) Lightly tap the end of the distributor shaft until
distributor gear and thrust washer are removed.
(6) Slide the distributor shaft out of the distributor
(7) Remove the camshaft position sensor mounting
screw and positioning arm (Fig. 4).
(8) Slide the wire harness grommet out of the distributor
housing. Remove the camshaft position sensor.

Some call it a Camshaft Position Sensor others call it a Pickup-Coil
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