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Im going to describe this the best I can, My rear tail light was not working.
The wire harness that is in the inside of the jeep running along the driver side to the rear were spliced so I seperated all wires so as to start fresh.

The wires that are coming in from the tail lights driver side back corner are all so cut. and allso the wires that connect to the hardtop are cut.

I need to know how to connect all this back together? :banghead:
Here are the colors
wire harness ======= L-rear tail light wires
blue ===================blue
brown w/green ===========brown w/green
solid brown ==============brown
tan ====================tan
grey w/blk ===============grey w/blk
orange ==================orange
blk w/white ==============blk w/white
pink ====================pink
blk w/yellow stripe ==========blk w/yellow stripe
solid white
white w/blk stripe

I tried connecting all the same colors and was left w/the whites.
The top bulb on the (L) tail lt stayed on the dirctional,stop and ect doesn't work
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