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Please Help!!!

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My 97 TJ 4.0 Manual did not want to start today. So i tried to jump the battery... did not work. I took off the starter and had o'reilys bench test it,, they said it was good. I put the clutch interlocking switch in bypass... did not work... the only sound that it makes is the solenoid clicking. the motor does not try and turn over.. Any Ideas?
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Corroded battery terminals?

Just because your jump battery is good, is your jeep battery good? When you put jumpers to it the batteries are trying to meet half way. Still might not be enough juice to turn over the engine.
Yes, have your parts store check that the battery is good and verify that your battery terminals are clean.
Probably just your battery and perhaps the jumper cables just weren't up to the task. I bought some jumpers online a couple years ago and while they were advertised as 4 gauge, they were actually more like 10 gauge and they couldn't carry enough current to start a TJ with a totally dead battery. Not only that but when a battery is really, really dead, it can draw so much current out of any battery placed in parallel (jumper battery) that there's not enough juice left over to start the engine.
finally! it was the starter ground wire that had corroded in half. but now its fixed and time to hit Kiana point.
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