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Please Say "Hi" to Rachel!

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My good Friends Rahel Bruner and her dad Harvey are in Ouray Colordo for the Ouray Jeep Jamboree this weekend.

If you are there or you know someone who is, please stop by and say "HI"

They are collecting Photos & Video from the Event.

I've never been to Ouray myself, so I'd like to get all the photos I can.

She just called me from there as they were rolling into town 69 Degrees cool breeze after a two day road trip From Houston.

And if you are in need of a corkscrew... She has one!

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Sounds like it was fun!

It looks like everyone had a blast.

There were 76 Participant Jeeps at Ouray JJUSA.

Rachel is sending me back my 160g USB Flash Drive by FedEx.

She tells me they collectd over 3,500 photos from 31 Jeepers.

Yesterday I got a spredsheet with 66 new Jeepers to add to our "JeepTales Email Newsletter".

I'll let you know when I get the photos up on our site.

We should have the Camp Jeep Photos up this weekend.
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I apologize for not meeting Rachel and her dad. I did not have a computor up there, and missed this post. I left home the evening of the 17th. It sure looked liked they were all having a great time. They had a lot of rain on Saturday, and don't know if that hurt them any. I met some folks from NC, that were camping in our camp ground, and they were really loving it. Some people had come from CA, as well. It is amazing how far some of these people will travel, to do a Jamboree.
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