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I didn't realism MOPAR made their own version of the pocket flares. I have heard mixed reviews of the quality of the Bushwacker ones. The MOPAR ones are about $100-$150 more expensive. Anyone have and feedback on quality differences?

Wheel Flare - BWF10045 | Mopar
Wheel Flare - BWF10044 | Mopar


Bushwacker Jeep Pocket Style Fender Flare Front Pair : : Automotive
Bushwacker Jeep Pocket Style Fender Flare Rear Pair : : Automotive

I suspect they may be made by the same OE manufacturer and just rebranded....

(SIDE NOTE: I can't decide if I want them body color Comando green or black plastic, but the Hard top will certainly be body color FWIW.)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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