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I have a set of Zero Flare "old school" PSC Tube fenders. Set was installed on rig and then it was parked for a few years shortly after. Inner fenders are included so all you'll have to do is remove your factory fender and install these. $500

I also have a set of slightly used PSC Rocker Knockers w/ step. $250 Jeep TJ Rocker Knockers | Slider Armor | Poison Spyder

Finally I have a set of PSC Comp cut rear Crusher Corners. These have never seen the woods either as the jeep was parked shortly after they were bolted on. PO had made an attempt at adding factory flares back to the jeep so there are a couple extra holes drilled. $250
Jeep TJ Rear Corner Armor | Steel Comp Cut Crusher Corners | Poison Spyder Customs

I realize the prices aren't discounted much from retail but they're all in basically new parts aside from being dirty from driving the jeep across the yard the other day. Buy all 3 items for $750. Located in Lunenburg MA

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