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Getting ready for a 3 hour ride to Tallahassee on Monday and needed to replace my passenger rear shock before the sea sick trip of interstate bouncing. Got 2 new rear shocks to throw on today. I had read many stories about 1, 2 or all of the upper bolts snapping when taken off for the first time. Well...none of my snapped taking them out BUT one snapped putting it back in :facepalm:

I was in panic/frustration mode since I am leaving Monday and now I have a shock being held in my one bolt in the top. Found a great service place actually open late on a Saturday that was able to get the broken piece out in under 5 min., replaced the bolt and wasn't gonna charge me! I threw the guy 40 bucks just for saving me a pain in the arse come Monday morning.

Assuming most of you have dealt with the dreading broken bolt on here?
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