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Possible purchase - what to look for?

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I don't have a Jeep yet, but I've found one that I am considering getting. It's a 93 with the 6 cylinder engine, manual trans, 186 thousand miles, newer Cooper 33" tires, new cat back exhaust, hard top & soft top, rebuild rear & transfer case (the transfer case is not currently installed). It needs new rear brake lines and pads (included but not installed).

By biggest worry is the fact that the transfer case it out so it's not derivable. Is there anything else that I should be looking for? Might the missing transfer case be hiding something else?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm totally new to Jeeps.


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Hey Bob - I'd ask them why the t-case is out. At minimum, expect to replace/rebuild it. Generally one doesn't pull a major component unless it needs something to function. By the same token, if the deal is a good one (i.e. way below book) and you factor in what it would cost to do a full restore to make it driveable again, it could be a good deal.

Also, driveable or not, it should start and run. You should be able to shift the gears in the tranny. You should be able to manually move the pinion in both axles to make sure the wheels turn and nothing clicks. You should be able to test all electrical components. That should eliminate a lot of the guess work even with the t-case out.
Thanks Denis!

Thanks for the tips!

He didn't explain why the t-case and rear needed to replaced, just that they were both rebuilt and the rear was re-installed but the t-case wasn't.

Yes, it's priced considerably lower than kbb "fair" value.

I'd say if you can get it for under $1000 and are willing to put the time and money into making it right, snatch it up.
Thanks! It would be a little more than $1000.

I'm fairly mechanically inclined, and I don't mind spending a little time and money to make it right.

Here's the vehicle in question by the way:

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It's got a winch and a snorkel great news!!!! Looks like a great project. Well worth it if all the rest of the parts are there.
What jokerchief462 said... the way you were describing it, I was thinking it was a base in rougher shape. I'd say if everything else checks out, this one is probably worth $2500 or so considering the winch, snorkel and newer looking tires.
Went and got a closer look at it today. Battery was dead so I didn't get to hear it run. :eek:

The winch is gone, but everything else is there. The old t-case and the rebuilt one were both in the back.

The floor pan has been replaced:

Looks like the valve cover gasket might have been a little weepy:

There was surface rust on the frame, but it seemed solid otherwise. There was a plate welded on the left rear area:

Missing t-case:

The tires did look BRAND NEW! (didn't get a close picture of them).

There was some rust under the "Jeep" on both sides (it had been repaired on the driver's side).

Looks like it has wide fender flares on it.

No rear seat (Bedliner in the back).
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That looks good! I'd try and jump and at that price it seems to be a steal
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