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Some of you are on my facebook, so you may have read this. For those of you that are not: Last year a member of our local hunting forum (BDW) and a great friend of mine's 8 year old daughter Maddie Grace Windle was diagnosed with cancer. She did chemo and they thought it was gone, until yesterday. Her last three month scan showed spots on each lung and a larger 2" spot on one of her Lymph-nodes. She will be doing chemo again. This time, they are doing chemo and radiation every three weeks for one full year. She will be required to stay at least one week each time in Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Brad, her father, is a forest ranger in the Perryville area. Gina, her mother, is a consular at school. Not counting the Dr. bills after insurance, they will be racking up a lot of expenses with time off and the trips to and from Perryville to Little Rock. Last year we did a fundraiser and a raffle and collected around 3000 dollars to help them. This time, their expenses are going to be more due to the length of time for treatment. We are asking for as many prayers as you can give for Maddie, her parents, and the doctors that will be healing her. I am also asking if you have it to spare, send a few bucks to help out with expenses.

To keep this transparent and keep anyone for thinking scam, here are the threads from last year.

1st post:

Help thread:


Raffle winners:

And from this year, the prayer thread from that forum, plus the forum I own.

Finally, if you have it to spare, you can donate here. Thank you very much!
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