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I want to introduce myself along with our team to everyone out there. My name is Blake Mitchell and I am an owner here at Kernersville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. For the last five years, we have been number one in the country for new ram sales on the east coast, and second nationally. Our entire business model is focused on delivering our customers the best price and experience possible. The staff of twenty-two in our call center delivers over five hundred new and used cars without most of those customers ever setting foot in our door. This doesn’t include our robust local business, but purely our online side. With today’s environment shifting, we are no longer able to stock 1300 new products on the ground for customer convenience. Until the national supply chain shortage is rectified, the best and cheapest way for any customer to purchase a vehicle is through the order process. While we have always ordered cars specifically for customers, we have never done so in the volume we have today. As many of you know, prices for all vehicles are sky high today, but if you are in the market, we are here to help.

Many dealers may offer some crazy low pricing on ordering a vehicle, but the lack of staff or infrastructure to facilitate delivery of your vehicle may frustrate your buying experience. The last five years have seen us add an entire transportation division staffed with 25 drivers that can deliver cars nationwide, but we will always deliver for free within 300 miles. We will not only order, but also guarantee delivery of your new vehicle with below invoice pricing on any line with the exception of limited production vehicles (i.e., Challenger Jailbreak), and yes that includes below invoice on TRX and all hellcat models.

We want your business, and encourage you to ask any questions in forums as we will be here to answer them. Myself, Mary Badgett, Doug Badgett, April Clay, Tyler Marshall, or Evan Hughes is all here to answer your questions and be straightforward. If you want a quote or price, then please feel free to reach out instantly at (877) 652-9200 or at email address [email protected] and we will have it back to you within minutes if contacted during business hours (Mon-Fri 9 to 8, and Sat 9-6). We are excited about our new partnership here on the Jeep Garage forum, and we are ready to help deliver you the cleanest buying experience you have ever had, and it can all be done from the comfort of your computer and/or phone.

Blake Mitchell
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