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This day and age where everything seems to be made cheaply by companies who don't give a damn it can be hard to find good parts...


What brand do you guys prefer for a brake master cylinder? Wife's 06 LJ pedal will slowly go to the floor even when running. Already checked for leaks, vacuum hose fron intake to booster, rotors and pads look good. Stops well just spongy. Already tried to bleed it but it made it better but has since gotten worse.

I have found OEM mopar one for $129.99 plus shipping

Crown for $115 free shipping + discount code

Local NAPA for $65

I am leaning away from the "remanufactured" ones as I think all they do is pop in some seals and clean it up. I have tried to rebuild the MC on my old Harleys and even with honing the bores they can continue to leak etc...just too worn out.

her LJ is a DD 104K and totally stock. She does not offroad at all. That is what mine is for. Regular 30" tires.
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