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Back story - I've got a '97 TJ 4.0 (128K miles) and the water pump is leaking so that's getting replaced.

While I'm in there I figure I might as well take care of some of the other old stuff that's in the Jeep. I replaced the radiator, t-stat and hoses about 1.5 years ago btw. Planning on ordering a new fan clutch, belt, starter rebuild kit to go with the water pump. Thinking I should get new pulleys as well, which/ how many will I need? Had a little drip from the steering box in the past but after some stop leak fluid it the level in the reservoir hasn't dropped - perhaps I should go ahead and replace the box? Thought about doing the wheel hubs as well but I put it on the jack and the wheels don't have any side to side play so I'm thinking they are fine for now...perhaps I should just go ahead and change them as well?

What else do you guys think I should get taken care of? Control arms bushings? Steering damper? Ball joints? Rear wheel bearings? Anything yall think I'm missing?

To recap:

1. To replace all pulleys, how many need to be ordered?
2. New steering box, yea or nay?
3. Wheel hubs as a preventative measure?
4. Bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends, steering damper, rear wheel bearings?
5. ???

These will be OEM replacements, not upgrades or prep for lift etc. As far as I know, none of the above have been replaced in the past.
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