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I just ordered quite a few LEDs from Superbrightleds to swap over most of my instrument cluster backlighting. I tried to pop in the one i got to replace my PRNDL indicator tonight and was met with disappointing results. The LED is extremely dim; it's only lit up enough to know that it's working. However, the same LED plugged into my sidemarker sockets is extremely bright(The way it's supposed to be) This leads me to believe it's a voltage issue and i bought the wrong LED. This is the one i purchased.

On the page, it says it replaces multiple types of bulbs, including 658(Which is what the PRNDL indicator bulb is). However, it does not perform well. I tried swapping it each way, still nothing. I had a new 194 incandescent bulb i popped in for the hell of it, and it works. I believe it's slightly brighter than the original 658 bulb. But i'd still like to swap over to all LED for simply brighter lights that i know won't burn out. So, does anyone have any suggestions?

Edit: After looking a little harder, i saw on the page that the cool white LED is 90mA current draw(The highest of all the colors) while a generic 658 bulb i found online is only 80mA. Could this be the issue?
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