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Problem with clutch?

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Hi I'm new to this site, but hopefully I'll get the problem solved before I get ripped off again.
My jeep is a 2003 6 cylinders and manual transmission. Lately I was having a problem starting it. I would turn the key and not a sound for a few seconds and then after juggling with the clutch pedal, it would start up. I drove around with this issue for a few weeks. Last week it wasn't going into gear easily. I didn't drive it at all but I did take it to the closest garage. The changed the clutch saftey switch. The car was picked up today. Started perfectly and went into gear just fine. However I noticed the clutch pedal was easier to push. As I drove around today near the end of my trip I started having trouble getting it into gear again.
I looked at the wiring attached to the clutch pedal and I noticed a rubber seal was on the mat. It was oily and was broken and it looked like it came off the cable which connects the clutch pedal to the mechanical section of the clutch.
My guess is that oil leaked from this broken seal.

Repairing it difficult? Expensive?

I'm already at 250.00 for the repair to replace the clutch saftey switch.
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250 to replace the switch, now thats expensive. It sounds like your clutch master cyl is leaking. Not a hard job to do yourself if you mechanically inclined. if not then yopu are at the mercy of the mechanic.
Brought it in today, they are only gonna look at it on monday. I brought it to a mechanic I know. Hopefully it is quick and non expensive. I'll keep you posted. I am crossing my fingers it isn't a major repair.
Thanks for the help.
Is it easy to get to.
The clutch master cylinder?

Open your hood and look at the fire wall, its in the top right corner of the firewall on the drivers side. (it's what you put the fluid in);)

Not hard to swap it out at all if you can do a tune up you can change a master cylinder.

I brought it to a mechanic I know.
I hope it's not the mechanic that ripped u off 250 bucks for a tiny switch.
No no it's another mechanic
Ok here's an update. I brought it in and mechanic changed defective master cylinder. Before he ordered it he told me he would see how expensive the slave and master kit was. It wasn't a big diff so he changed both master and slave kit. The kit came with a clutch saftey switch so he installed everything. He pulled out the saftey switch that the other mechanic changed and he called me right away. He told me the either never changed it (old) or they changed something else all together. I went to the garage today and complained but they said to come back tomorrow as the manager of service would better answer my questions. What course of actions should I take? The did fix something but it definetly wasn't what they said the changed.
Should I go to via their head office.
Go there with the receipt and show them the old part that they supposedly replaced. Yell and see what u can do. Ask for money back since they clearly tried to rip you off, etc. Dont be shy to insult their credibility. The squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease.
Didn't get anywhere. The said the piece is new. I will take pictures and contact their head office
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