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Guys, new here posting. I'm in the process of a major rebuild of a '94 YJ. My two teenaged daughters and I are replacing the tub and frame on their "new" jeep (the project has grown from just a rear quarter replacement when we bought it!). We've redone all the suspension and front end parts, cleaned, stripped, and painted the frame and running gear and have a rolling chassis again. Now we tried to re-install the 2.5L (with the 5 speed and transfer case). I believe the replacement frame we got is a 4 cylinder frame. From what I've gathered here the engine mounts would be forward near the shock towers if it were a 6cyl motor. The transmission and driver's side mounts align Ok, but the passenger side mount is 1 inch too far forward. I also think the motor might be shifted a little to the passenger side. The original '94 frame had a bolt on bracket between the frame mount and the rubber motor mount with a single bolt. The replacement frame has 2 bolt holes like the driver's side. Does anyone know if Jeep used diffent brackets on the engine itself in different years that could make up this difference? I could cut the bracket and move an inch, but would prefer to keep the factory welds if possible. I'll try to post pics tomorrow if necessary.

Also, this is posted on a local Jeep site I joined sorry if someone read twice.
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