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Let me preface this by saying that I have never written a review like this before in my life. Also, I understand that purchasing a vehicle, especially a late model vehicle like a CJ7, it comes with a lot of potential cost and or risk beyond the initial sales transaction. Thank being said, regardless of an “As Is” sale transaction, there is some sort of moral obligation everyone should have when representing anything they are selling. As a novice buyer in the world of automotive mechanics, you are somewhat relegated to the integrity of the individual you are buying from. In the case of my experience, all I can say is I learned a hard lesson.
I learned that just inquiring about something that seems malfunctioning (based on ones limited knowledge) does not ensure a correct and or honest response. In the case of the purchase of my Jeep, I now have a laundry list of both safety and mechanical issues to address that will cost me close to $10,000 to repair. If you are not mechanically inclined, I would highly suggest you don’t purchase. I will not go as far to say they are dishonest but maybe just take their responsibility as a seller way to lightly when it comes to making sure the buyer receives full disclosure of any issues that could potentially not only be costly but way more importantly a safety issue.
This is just part of the laundry list I have in front of me to get this thing safe enough to be on the road….
ReplaceSteering Shaft
RepairSteering Gear
ReplaceShackle Bushings
ReplaceTie Rod/Steering Linkage
AddSteering Stabilizer
ReplaceFront Sway Bar Bushings
ReplaceFront Brake Pads & Rotors & Pack Bearings
ReplaceBack Brake Lines
MissingBolts from Engine to Bell Housing
ReplaceFront Drive Shaft
ReplaceCowl Housing
Replacemissing Vent Housing
Replacemissing Defroster Duct & Hoses

Unfortunately, that is not the entire list but a snap shot of what you need to be aware of as a novice buyer. When I originally addressed it with one of the owners, I was assured “they would make it right”. However, the reality is I got zero support in the end. I won’t even ge tinto the details concerning the inch of water that came in through the front cab of the CJ because of a poor installation of the new V8 engine and holes throughout the firewall or the missing vent housing that added additional H2Oin the cab…. Or the fact that this was during my maiden voyage home the day of purchase…. Good times…

I will repeat, I understand the “As Is” and the buyer taking on risk but there was no win/win in my experience when dealing with them. Best of luck if you are a newbie and remind yourself it will be worth it in the end.

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Like you said buyer beware, take a knowledgeable friend, have a vehicle inspected if your unsure. Its a Jeep,its a machine. They get abused, torn apart and "fixed" by people who shouldn't own tools. After the last CJ I swore never again after a couple orders of O/E type replacement parts from Omix or Crown, as they were Cheap imported crap. Expect the unexpected and hope for the best, that's all you can do really. Bottom line, you wanna get taken advantage of, look out, others are glad to oblige you, no questions asked.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of CJ’s! Remember JEEP stands for “just empty every pocket”. Now back to the CJ. A lot of your laundry list can be handled easily and with little expense. Stay away from Crown/Omix-Ada crap as 8thtimer said.

I have a ‘81 CJ7 that I bought from a good buddy, and he was like the 3rd owner. I found out after I brought her home that the 304 was a transplant, with all the associated issues. Put her in my local 4WP store- they have worked on all my Jeeps BTW. Found out the rear diff was basically chipped and had water in it, then the rear main started leaking etc etc etc. First trip in cost me about $2500 But I am making it my Jeep.

Look for used parts on your local Craigslist or if need be eBay. Also check out Rock-Auto, Carid for some things. Heck look on line for Autoquest Jeeps here in Houston. He deals in old CJ’s and has a shit ton of parts. Like the drive shaft you need etc. I have dealt with him since 2002, and he is basically upfront.

Just pay attention to the parts needed with respect to your year and current engine size. I learned this the hard way when replacing power steering hoses.

You didn’t mention (or I missed) if the frame and tub are in good shape. Also what transmission is behind the V8 ? My CJ has the original SR4 behind the 304. Not the best combination but for my use it’s fine.

In fact as we speak, my CJ is back at 4WP for a new master cylinder. Talked to my guy there and get ready- Master cylinder is in, but while looking for the t-case leak (which was fixed) the tranny bushings needed to replaced. After that it lifted the driveline just enough so the fan was hitting the shroud. After fixing that the fuel pump blew. On and on and on. A lot of that I can do but I figured he’ll while it is in there just have them do it.

See my point ? With the older CJ’s it is never ending. I am not trying to bust your nuts here, and you may be more familiar with CJ’s than I ever could hope to be. Just saying while it may appear you got screwed on the purchase, maybe not !

Good luck and keep us updated.

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