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Protecting my new sub . . .

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Having a decent powered sub installed this week between rear door and rear seat (2DR Sport) . . . except, I have now removed the rear seat - so, I have nice sub in open view until I can get a Tuffy enclosure or fab something similar. I can't be the only one with an exposed sub (that sounds wrong . . .). What precautions do you all take? Simple to sublime - let me hear it , please . . .
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Problem solved

So, I bought and installed the smaller Tuffy trunk enclosure, which just fit the depth of the sub-woofer. Had a big vibration where the top and base pieces of the enclosure overlap together at certain bass frequencies. Bought some Dynamat at Best Buy and put it on the inside portions of the enclosure and the inside of the rear tailgate of the Jeep. Awesome results. Can kick up the bass if I want or run it nominally and it is a very tight sound. Just what I was looking for (now, where do I store my crap, eh?

BTW - installed the Alpine PWA-S10V powered/ported sub, (4) Alpine SPR-60 coaxial speakers for both the fronts and sound bar and the Alpine KTP-445U "candy bar" mini-amp behind the stock low end HU. This system is everything I was looking for - great with the top up and really hits it at highway speed with the top off. Color me happy.
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