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I have pulled my stock trailer loaded with all sorts of things with the JKU iI am sure I have been at or slightly above MAX. I would never pull it with a horse or cattle.

I have had my Dodge HD 4X4 250 sway do to movement of cattle and horses with this trailer. Would not want to have that with the lighter weight, shorter wheel base JKU. I have a lever action rifle in the Dodge just for when I am pulling that stock trailer I am hoping I never to use it.

A stock trailer does not have the middle divider but I do tie the horses in to stop much of their movement.

Especially with stock- slow down, increase following distances , pay attention with lots of rest breaks, No phone/text/eating /drinking. Keep a gun handy, extra lead ropes, halters, first aid kit, water , double check all doors - I use an extra chain with a snap on every door to make sure they stay closed. I do not go on an interstate highway with live stock.

Again, I would not want to pull our horse trailer with your horse in it with a JKU I would want a longer , heavier vehicle to tow it with.
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