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Pulling to the right

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Ok going to try and make this short.... When I startup the YJ everything is fine. After a few minutes when I brake a squeal from the front right starts. If I continue driving for a while then I will feel the jeep begin to pull right. After continuing to drive a slight shake will start around 35 but disappear right after I hit 40. The squeal is still present on stops and now when a start second I will hear the squeal at lower speeds then it will stop. The pull to the right will get worse and braking gets weird with the pull. Continued driving results in the jeep dragging and noticeable lose of power as it now will have trouble getting into 4th and holding 40mph. And pull is now extreme to the right
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I don't know if there is a caliper rebuild kit available or not.
I would simply buy a new or reconditioned caliper and a new set of pads. Both sides so you will have matching front brakes.
If you have the extra dough, you might consider a second caliper.

Now is a good time to flush your brake fluid system.

If you have pulsing in your brake pedal after the repair you will need at least one rotor too.

Good Luck, L.M.
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