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ok as is stands.
-list of haves
i have the 14bolt.
i have the re stock springs.
i have the extended brake lines.
i have the track bar.
-list of needs
d44 hp ford front end
aw4 transmission
spring perches
shackles (front and rear)
new drive shafts front and rear
high steer arms, and high steer components
the debate list....
-tires, bfg krawler tires or maxxis creepy crawelrs.
-locking, Lincoln "spool" or Detroit (lincon i can do in the shop but for the Detroit i have to wait till i can get a few hundred bux to shill out)
-gears, for my 37" tires i want to get i think 4.88's would be plenty streetable.

i started my own thread so i can up date my own stuff and see what yall think about my build insted of :hijacked: another thread.

the 14bolt is big:flipoff: yes, but its cheap to build. you can shave almost 2.25" off the bottom of the housing easily. a full lunchbox Detroit locker is cheap and easy to install. the full float is pretty much indestructible.

feel free to check out my car domain for pictures and pretty much up to the minute updates.

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regarding the tires. Is this a trailer only rig, you won't be driving it on the streets? If so, then I'd go with the BFG Krawler but get the RED LABEL ones. They are competition stickies but you can only get them from BFG if you compete (they won't sell them to regular consumers)... but you can find them online through places like craigslist and Pirate4x4...

If you'll be driving it on the street at all...even if it's just to the trails then I'd go with the Maxxis Creeepy Crawlers. Those are what I'm going with because I don't have a trailer or tow rig. They are bias and somewhat sticky... but they will last alot longer than the comp stickies if driven on the road.

Another alternative, if you trailer your rig you may want to look at the Maxxis Comp Trepadors (bias). they are super sticky like the BFG Reds but the Maxxis are bias and the sidewalls won't get cut or puncture as easily as the BFGs (bfgs are radials... even their red label ones).

Sounds like an awesome build. Can't wait for the pictures :D I like the 14 bolt idea... if going 14 bolt might as well go for some 42s :)
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