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2006 Rubicon - about to hit 68K miles. 1 owner before me. I just cleaned the throttle body, replaced the IAC, had all fluids changed and replaced the grommets on the valve cover. There's no loss of power, runs fine but have an annoying sound:

- When driving / parked and the rig has RPMs at say 1-1.5K+ it sounds like a puttering sound. Best way I can describe it is NOT a tick, but in between a ticking and puttering. I remember my other TJs in the past made it but sounds like it's louder. Maybe it's me being OCD? There was a vacuum leak that threw code 0507 that local shop fixed - otherwise everything else seems to be in order. No codes, etc. Could this be a cracked header in an 06?

- This is on the passenger side.

Mechanic said it could be coil heating up but wasn't sure. Because it's on passenger side, can't imagine exhaust leak given the mileage and coming from the south? ANY other thoughts greatly appreciated. Losing my mind with this one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts