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Quadratec Shocks

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Anyone here have any experience running Quadratec Nitro 8.0 shocks?

They look good on paper.

I know nitro ride rougher in general on street but I drive a jeep not a Cadillac.

manageable ride? build qaulity? Off-road preformance? If you have anything on them let me know. I just blew my front seals on my rubicon expresses. And my back passenger one is shot, time to replace all of them.

The way it's laid out on site with info reminds me of a Tenneco build, however they struck a deal to not tell the public the manufacturer, so let me know.

any experience is welcome, so if you drive a tj or jk and run these feel free to chime in. I'm posting here cuz my application will be on a YJ.
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I've been driving all kinds of cars, motorcycles and trucks for 55+ years and can't tell the difference between one shock and another. I can tell if the shocks are bad or if there is something else wrong in the suspension but not if one "rides better" than another. I've been in the car business all my life and am now retired.

My take on it is there is so many factors that go into how a vehicle "rides" and shock technology is so basic, that any difference between how one shock and another "rides" is more philosophical than practical.

Just my opinion. L.M.

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I agree to a degree. Which is why my biggest thing isn't ride qaulity..I am curious if anyone notices a difference with these shocks however. My biggest thing is the qaulity of these per price.. build etc.

One thing I can say is any shock rides better then riding without any hahaha.

I'm not expect bilsten qaulity. But of course I'm looking for alittle more then a Monroe or even a procomp (called procrap by some) for that matter, may offer.

Which I will be honest, if I have ever noticed a big difference in shocks (ride,build etc), it's bilsten, just not in the market for $400+ In shocks, I'd rather address other things at this moment.
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