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Question about Herculiner.

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I don't have any intention of using herculiner all over my jeep or anything. Here's the deal. My factory flares looks like crap. They are gouged, scratched, and paint is coming off in chunks (Sahara flares) from a little roll over incident a while back. I was thinking of maybe trimming them up to get the edges lined out some and then covering with herculiner to hide the abuse, but still have a rugged look. Yall think herculiner will stick to those things?

I'm too cheap to buy new flares. I'd probably just bang em up again.
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Yeah, I know it will apply to plastic. I was just wondering about plastic such as flares that will get flexed a pretty good bit. I figure I will try it soon. My flares are trashed anyway. This might get some life out of them.
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