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Question about magnet mount CB antenna

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I have a question concerning a CB. Where should I mount an magnetic antenna for optimal performance or should I wait to get a whip antenna? Have fun new years. Thanks
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Personally, I would wait and get a whip antenna or one that is mounted to the jeep, that is if you are planning to doing any off-roading. I found that if you off-road out in the woods, the magnetic mount antenna is very prone to getting knocked off by branches, etc.
Hood or cowl panel for temporary use.....and when you go to get a whip don't buy a firestick, they break like twigs. I use a loaded coil and stainless rod from a professional 2way radio since they are 100 times stronger, cheaper, and last longer.
Thanks for the info on the antenna. I'm going to place it on the hood for temporary
I have a magnetic antenna on the rear bumper. It works well and is out of the way for the most part. I'm planning to use the just the base section of a rear view mirror clamp-on mount and bolt it to the windshield hinge using the bolt holes in the hinge. It will require longer bolts. That location will provide better antenna height and hopefully decent SWR since only a short section of the antenna will be parallel to any metallic body (the windshield frame).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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