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Question about rear defroster relay.

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I have a 2000 TJ that came from the factory with a soft top. A PO switched to a Bestop 2 piece hard top, but did not connect the rear defroster. I want to make a homemade harness to use the rear defroster. I have already purchased a used OEM switch. I know I will need a relay and a timer. So my question is this... is the timer built into the relay, or is it a separate piece of hardware? I have found numerous relays on line, but none that say they have a timer integrated into them. If the timer is separate, where do I get one?
I am not interested in a factory wiring harness, because I don't have a rear wiper or a rear washer. Thanks for any advice on wiring up my defroster.
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The timer is built into the cluster. If you want to use the timer (not necessary but a good idea) you have to wire it through the cluster. The timer controls the ground side of the relay coil. Get the wiring diagram from the FSM.

See online read only FSMs here:
Jeep Knowledge Base
You may have to go to the bottom of the page & pick Jeep Resources & online manuals if it directs you to home page rather than the knowledge base.

Here is a link that has a link to a flickr file that has a copy of the factory kit wiring diagram (if still good) that may help you with connecting into the existing wiring for the fuse & relay that goes into the PDC.

Jeep TJ hard top wiring defroster help -

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