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I've tried asking this type of question before, but never really receiving an answer.

I currently have a Sony MP3 player, it's a few years old now, but I still love it because it's got bluetooth and I love the wireless headphones... the issue I have with it and my jeep is that 1) it doesn't seem to pair with the jeep's bluetooth (that's fine), but 2) when I do plug it in there's seemingly no way to randomly shuffle the playback of the songs, it always starts from band A and plays to band Z. This is not very convenient to say the least.

My question(s) then would be: does anyone else have this issue with their MP3 players, and/or is there better support for ipods?

I wouldn't mind buying a cheap ipod micro or something for the jeep, but I'd like to know before I do if I can set it to shuffle the songs, rather than play through from beginning to end.
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