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My question is about using voice commands to play mp3s off of the hard drive in my 430 radio.

I copied a bunch of songs (in 3 separate folders) onto a thumb drive, and then plugged the thumb drive into the radio and copied them onto the internal hard drive.

Now if I plug that thumb drive into the USB port in the center console, I can use voice commands such as "Play Track Stairway To Heaven", or "Play Artist Led Zeppelin".

If I switch to the hard drive though (that has the same exact folders and songs on it), those commands don't work. The only voice command that seems to work is "Track Number #", so I can say "Track Number 4" and it'll play that track.

Now why don't those other voice commands work when playing music off of the hard drive?

I also noticed that when I switch to the USB and hit the Voice button, the computer voice will say something like "Music Voice Menu Ready". It does not say that when I switch to the hard drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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