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I've got a 1989 jeep wrangler yj, it came with a hardtop and half doors, previous owner had window attachments but they don't fit properly. They fit the mount holes, but you wouldn't be able to close the doors because the frame of the attachment doesn't fit with the edge of the hard top.

Here is an image to show my issue:

In that reference, at the bottom, you can see the Window Attachments fit for the most part, except the right edge.

So I began looking online for full doors, or window attachments for half doors. I couldn't find any full doors, but I found some window attachments for half doors that looked like they'd fit with the hard top, but the product description states they DONT work with hard tops, here is an example of a product that seems would have a proper fit, but the description states, "will not work with hardtops":

In conclusion, the only hard top compatible window attachments that I could find would be this:

I'd like to get window attachments that work with a hard top, but $775 is a bit much at the moment, so I'm hoping I could get some suggestions or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places for the compatible attachments?

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