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I currently have the base radio (RES) with Sirius installed. My trial ran out, so I have an old Pioneer AVH-P2300DVD from my old car i was interested in installing, but I have a few questions...

1.)If i want to install Sirius/XM again, I'll need an "add-on" module through Pioneer. Are the Sirius antenna's pretty universal? I have an antenna already, I just didnt know of Chrysler used some funky connector to connect it to the factory stereo.

2.) Is there a lot of room behind the dash to mount this stuff? I might have to cram the module back there

3.) Has anyone done a "MyGIG" radio install? Total left field, but I heard some of them have Sirius built in, and the antenna would work...I could even upload my music to the internal hard drive and forget about it. My question to the MyGIG i have to have the dealer reprogram it? Or is it plug/play?
Thank you everyone!
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