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Questions On Dual Top Brackets

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I bought a 2000 TJ with the factory dual top option. I understand that the soft top can be lowered inside the Jeep and the hard top then put on the Jeep. The problem is the original owner took the top off the Jeep and I'm wondering if he gave me all the parts. One of the plastic ends of the rear top bow is missing and I don't see anything that the ends would bolt up to inside the Jeep. Any advice on what the bracket looks like and where to look for it inside the Jeep?


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Also to add to that you are never supposed to have the hard and soft top both installed at the same time. They are shipped like that from the factory but one is meant to be removed when the other is being used. It is very simple to install and remove the soft top so don't risk damaging something just to keep it on there with the hard top.
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