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when i disconnect the ground wire though the fuses like to break. and both the green and white wire go connected to the positive terminal on the battery correct?
yeah, but both to the battery and the switch light is on all the time. You can touch one to a battery and see what comes on then you'll know which is which. One will be for the lights themselves and the other one is for the switches light. You can also split them, run the one for the lights themselves to the battery to eliminate points of failure. Then run the one for the switch light to the fuse panel where the headlight fuse is. That way you get maximum wattage to the lights and the switch is only lit if your regular headlights are on. If you split them like this, you can still flip your trail lights on without the switch being lit (without the headlights on basically).

For those of you who want the switch light on ONLY when the switch is on, you can remove the wire for the switches light that feeds it power. (Disconect and test the lights, they should still work but the switch will stay dark) Then, jump a small wire from the switches light leed to the switches on leed. Then, when the switch turns on and feeds 12v to the opposing post, it also jumps right to the switch light. Thats how I run my emergency strobes so that the switch illuminates yellow while the flashers are on.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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