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My 2006 LJ came with these rocker guards:

Hanson Offroad Part LJRP-P - Rocksliders - Fits 2004 to 2006 LJ Wrangler Unlimited and Rubicon Unlimited - 4 Wheel Drive

There is a thin line of rust between the guard and body. I was planning to take them off, replace the rusting bolts and deal with the rust, and repaint the inside of the guards where the rust is. I got a question, did anyone use gaskets when installing guards? I came across Rocker Guard Gaskets while I was looking up the parts that are already on my jeep. These are it. Would these help, or actually allow for salt and such to get in between the guard and body.

Tough Stuff Part 000184 - Rocker Guard Gasket - 4 Wheel Drive
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