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Thanks InvertChaos and DavidW954.

I don't plan to put lockers on the D35 - my understanding is that the lockers could strain it too much...and I'd like to keep a healthy axle for now.

I was worried about the back spacing but thanks for the help on that. Before I measured ,I feared that it was going to be more than 5"...also good to know that stock is 4.75 - didn't know that.

The rims I'm kind of thinking about are from (or someplace similar):

Trail Master Part TM5-5883 - TM5, 15x8 with 5 on 4.5 Bolt Pattern - Gloss Black - Trailmaster Suspension

Having a high cost rim doesn't appeal to me - just give me plain and simple...but functional. At $40/ea, more to spend on which I'm considering GY Wrangler Duratrac, or Treadwright Guard Dog.

Thanks again!!:Thanx:
Did you end up going with these wheels? I'm stuck on back order and something seems suspicious about it
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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