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One of our most popular kits, the RE Duroflex Upgrade Kit is... well... upgraded!

We've added our own Long Arm rear control arm brackets to ensure your geometry is to our desired specs.

Featuring 14 individual weld-on Duroflex Joints, the kit is designed for you to cut off those old housings and weld-on the Duroflex Joints.

Not only will you immediately gain the benefit of more flex and a better ride quality with the Duroflex Joints, but you will gain the benefit of proven long-term durability.

Duroflex Joints feature:

  • Maximum Vibration Dampening
  • Self-Centering
  • Minimum Bushing Wear
  • Misalignment: 34° Joint, 68° Control Arm
  • Unconstrained Rotational Flex
  • Low Maintenance and Easily Rebuildable

Learn more here: JK "R.E." Ext. Duty Long Arm Duroflex Upgrade Kit
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