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Racine/Kenosha/Milwaukee Area Meet And Greet

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Hey everybody, I live in Burlington and would like to get a Jeep meet and greet together before it gets cold, its still in the plans but it would be a cook out type thing nothing special just a bunch of guys or gals with Jeeps having a good time. Or if we chose to we could do a meet up and a cruise then have a cook out. Let me know this could be a last chance for some fun before snow.
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Because of the time of year and in the spirit of giving, we are going to make an effort to make this a "toy drive" type of event. With that said i would like to offer a suggestion that no one spends more than 20.00-25.00 per person and try to keep the toys s simple as possible (IE no batteries needed or other attachments if avoidable).
We dont have a specific charity picked yet for the toys, but its being worked on, and i think Toys For Tots is the charity at the top of the list. Looks like there is a possibilty of sending toys to Childrens Hospital of WI. also.

I hope everyone can find the time to find a toy to bring (new unused and in original packaging)..

This is on another forum and I'm passing it on....Will have more details about possibly stopping at Children's before the meet.
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