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Hi all - I have a 2012 wrangler unlimited Sahara with body color hardtop. I've got two dog crates in the back for my 65lb German shorthaired pointers which take up a lot of valuable cargo space and am thus looking for a space solution.

Have considered a hitch mounted cargo basket- both the actual hitch and the kind that comes from the spare tire.

My concern with the hitch mounted is ability to open the the back up with the basket on and with cargo in it. Obviously I need to be able to get to my dogs without taking it off. Are there any racks low enough that allow you access?

For the spare tire racks - weight capacity seems a lot lower. Any experience with these? Good models?

Lastly - and why I mentioned I have body color hardtop - a roof rack basket would be ideal I think since you could have a lot more space. But are there any that can work with the body color hardtop? And if so which ones? And ones that still allow you to remove the front two top pieces with the rack on?

I know this is a lot of questions, but am new to jeep world and would love some help. My alternative is to to buy a suburban or Yukon for more space but I really don't want to!

Thanks in advance
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