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'89 YJ 4.2 with MC-2150 Carb & HEI, 2-1/2" Ex. AX-15, NP231 SYE, Adams shafts, F&R ARB, 3
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As part of my 4.2 Sahara cleanup I ordered a complete set of radiator and heater hoses. FWIW, here are the Gates Part numbers, got them all off Amazon for almost half price over local shops. These numbers are good for '87-'90 you may want to double check them for '91 and up

Lower Radiator #20559
Upper Radiator #20793

Large heater hose #28479
(Heater to t-stat housing)

Small heater hose #18909
(Heater to manifold)

T-Stat to Manifold #21832
(Bypass Hose)
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Great timing! This is exactly what I needed. I did a search for hoses before I posted my question earlier today and this post did not get returned. I probably looked for cooling system hoses or something...Thanks dude.
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