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Hello guys, it's been a while since I've been on the forums, just wanted to let all of you see how my slow project has been going, I'll hopefully finish in about 3 weeks!

This is the link to when I first joined WF and was at the beginning of my project

The jeep is currently handicapped... I was driving down some dirt roads and something felt weird when I tried to change gears, it would only let me stay in first and second nothing else... I look under the jeep and notice my engine and trans is leaned a good bit to the right! Apparently the bolt that holds the motor to the mount bracket broke flush with the engine... Not too sure how I'm going to get that bolt off now, wish me luck!:thumb:

ANYWAYS the mods that it has are...

When I bought the Jeep it had the following:

1) 6" ghetto rigged suspension short arm lift with a 2" body lift
(After I got it, I realized I was getting some insane death wobbles and no one could figure out what it was, after a few shops I took it to someone 2 hours away who works only on wranglers, he told me that my front lower control arms were too long and it was throwing my axle off angle, he cut them down and welded them back together, now it seems perfect.

2) Ford 8.8 Rear with a custom drive shaft and SYE

Things I have done:

3) I had to get many new things such as a radiator, brake lines, sway bar end links, battery, flat fender flares, 15" rims and 35" BFG All Terrains, interior console, tail gate, hard and soft top, HD front and rear bumpers, hood fog lights with Hi Lift, and my person favorite... FIRE EXTINGUISHERS!:rolleyes:

Things I still have to add to it:

1) Volant snorkel

2) Winch

3) Get it painted black with red details, such as tow hooks, control arms, ect.

4) Get a back seat

5) WP Adventure rack (The one that goes on top of the spare tire and mount 2 gas cans to it)

In the pics you'll see 2 different sets of rims and tires... The ones that are blacked had to be removed because they rubbed my frame and I don't feel like spending the extra money on spacers considering I've got another set that'll fit perfectly on there.

After that, I think that may be all my Jeep needs to be finished... I love this thing, and I've really gotten to be attached to it, but unfortunately it'll have to go ASAP after it is finished.

Just wanted to let my fellow Jeepers know how the progress was going, let me know what you guys think!

Anything that I should remove, add, change, ect all input is appreciated!


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Good looking Jeep! Looks like it has come a long way!
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