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Rampage recovery rock sliders

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Anyone run these? I like the style better than tubes, and they are very inexpensive at $189.

Rampage Recovery Rock Slider Heavy Duty, Black Powder Finish 86641
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I have no idea about them but they are sharp looking! I'm in the market as well and these just might do the trick.
I am a big fan of Rampage (see the Rampage bumper thread. They're in Corona CA by the way YJ Bill)- but if you actually want rock sliders there may be some better options. More expensive-yes. But the very last thing you want to go cheap on is your rock sliders. Many threads on sliders here...
As steps- they do look nice and clean and for the price they look great. Call Eric at Morris- he was very helpful on the Rampage stuff.
Thanks for the reply JeepHerz. Very cool if they are made in Corona California USA. Anyone else have them please chime in.
Um, yeah. Probably made in China. I mentioned it because if you're in the area you can see the product. Their US warehouse & marketing is in Corona CA. In the same city as my own business so supporting my neighborhood. I certainly understand that's not for everyone- made in the USA would be ACE, Poison Spyder, AEV, Pure Jeep/Hansen (my sliders), Genright. Sure I am missing some...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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